Creating Beauty With the Angels & Ascended Masters

The problem is not that we ask too much but that we don’t ask enough. I have learned to do everything with the guidance of my angels, masters and guides – they have proven over and over to me that they are wise, loving and powerful allies to have on my team. We actually have up to thirty three angels and guides working on our behalf at any given time and I would like to make you more aware of who you can call on to help you with all areas surrounding beauty and truth.

1. Archangel Jophiel – meaning “Beauty of God”. This angel is known as the patron archangel of artists and her role is to help us see and maintain the beauty in life. Jophiel also helps us to purify our thoughts into more beautiful thoughts and helps us to recognize that beauty exists already in our lives. From these perspectives we can then manifest even greater beauty in our lives. Jophiel can also help us with any artistic projects as well as creating more beauty in our home, at work and in our relationships. We can call on her to help us slow down and appreciate our lives.

2. Aphrodite – the Goddess of love, beauty and passion. You can call on Aphrodite to help you with commitments and marriage, femininity, gracefulness, beauty and attraction and also romantic passion and increased sexual desires. When invoking this goddess, it is helpful to put yourself in a receptive mood with music and candlelight.

3. Hathor – the Egyptian Goddess of the sun and sky. Hathor is considered to be a patron of music and dance and she can also assist you with areas of feminine beauty, cosmetics, fashion and romantic relationships. Because Hathor loves music and dance, it is helpful to do this yourself when contacting her.

4. Isis – the Egyptian Moon Goddess. Isis loves to help in the areas of divine magic, feminine strength, power and beauty, in creating joy, and in developing higher levels of self-esteem. When asking Isis for help, visualize her standing behind you with her wings spread open, surrounding you with her power and strength. Try to notice her energy around you. It will feel very loving and graceful.

5. Lakshmi – the Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune. Lakshmi’s true mission is to bring eternal happiness to earth. You can call on her to help you in the areas of abundance, beauty and aesthetics, lasting happiness, manifesting supplies for the home ad space clearing for the home. The best way to invoke Lakshmi is to ask with a grateful heart and trust that your desires have been divinely manifested.

You can also collect pictures or talismans that represent these beautiful guides as a reminder to have faith that they are working on your behalf. With love, gratitude and faith, miracles can happen through these divine beings and they want you to know that they are glad to help you create your beautiful life.

All you have to do is ask.