Short Haircuts for Older Women for a Youthful Look

We’ve all been there.  Remember that amazing haircut that made you look more youthful, brightened your appearance and made you do a double-take at the mirror?  Get that same feeling again when you choose a style and color that flatters you.  These short haircuts for older women have some great tips and ideas whether you want to go from long to short or just want a little change that has a big impact.


Defy Aging with Your Hair Style

You don’t need a hairstyle with the latest cutting-edge trends to defy aging, because there are many options for short styles that will take years off your look and make you feel great. If the latest trends are for you, that works too.  You may prefer a face framing-style with fringy bangs, a cute pixie with side swept bangs, or an updated style with a brightening highlight and color.  Whatever your style, you can find the perfect look for you.


1. Gorgeous Side Sweep

Offset the softness of your face with a side-swept style.  It sharpens curved edges and promotes a more youthful appearance.


2. Smokey Bob

An a-line cut with lighter tones will take years off of your appearance.  Brush this style straight and enjoy this classic style.


3. Loose, Choppy Waves

These waves always make the wearer look younger, and add some layers to frame your face to soften the style.


4. Short Hair Balayage

Get some balayage highlights to add dimension and interest to your style.  Balayage is similar to the natural highlights that you see in children’s hair during the summer months.


5. Classic Undercut

Whether you have a bob, a pixie or an altogether different short style, the undercut draws attention to your face and eyes.


6. Messy Pixie

With a little bit longer layers in a pixie, you can easily frame your face and brush your bangs to the side.


7. Short, Soft Curls

Adding curls to your short styles drops some years from your image with a softer look.  Add some highlights that are a few shades lighter than your base color to add rich, vibrant look.


8. Angled Bob

With long, flirtatious pieces framing the face and blended shorter layers in back, this style is great for older women.  Add a few ashy tones to brighten your hair.


9. Summer Bob

For warmer skin tones add some summer blond highlights to your bob.  With some feminine layering, this style flatters and freshens the style.


10. Stunning Asymmetrical Bob

Perfect for adding depth and interest to your look, this style naturally frames the face with classic side swept bangs.  This look will draw attention to your face and highlight your cheekbones.


11. Simple Bob and Bangs

Stacked layers give this style volume, shape fullness.  With thick, layered bangs and a youthful color or highlight, this style gives you a youthful image.