Popular Flowers That Can Be Sent To Your Loved Ones in Dubai in a Seamless Manner

Sending flowers to your family, friends and special ones is a wonderful way to celebrate any auspicious occasion or event. These flowers are the symbols of beauty, fragrance, simplicity and creativity that can easily acquire all the attention of the people around. These flowers can be sent to any occasion and arrive within the pocket size of every individual. If you are looking to send beautiful flowers to your special ones in Dubai, so Ferns N Petals Dubai is the good Option for you and also you need to take a quick look at below:

Rose of Sharon- Although, it is not a native plant of Dubai but they are widely grown in Dubai due to the popular afforestation programme conducted in UAE. This beautiful flowering plant can be easily found while walking or travelling around the streets of Dubai. If you want to make your beloved girlfriend feel special on her birthday, you need to place the order for online flower delivery in Dubai through any florist shop.

Spider Lily- If you are spending time around the 500 acres sprawling complex of Burj Dubai, you can observe the three lobed design at the base of the tower which is said to be inspired by the six petals of the spider lily. The flower consist of six long, slender white petals that has a white coronal membrane along with the stamens that give rise to this exotic flower in various areas in and around Dubai. You can send bouquet of flowers in Dubai that consists of this flower among other available flowers.

Desert Hyacinth- If you are hiking around the sandy coastal strips near Dubai, you can easily locate the desert hyacinth. The parasitic plant blooms after a significant amount of rainfall and can thrive well in saline conditions. It has bright yellow flowers that have splashes of deep red. Due to the absence of chlorophyll, the plant is incapable of performing photosynthesis and does not have any presence of green foliage. It is considered as one the parasitic plants that are found in the United Arab Emirates and depends on the roots of other desert shrubs as its host for nutritional requirements.

Red Thumb- It is another popular plant that can be seen easily while camping the various coastal flats in the Dubai region. The amazing flower plant is a boon for the people of UAE as it is also used as a nutritional plant in the area where drinking water and vegetation is a rare commodity. It can be easily consumed by the people for fulfilling the dual requirements of food and fluid for centuries. It is also known as tarthuth and desert broomrape by the local inhabitants of UAE.     

So, in the areas of UAE where there is an acute shortage of water and fertile soil, the growth of beautiful flowers around the famous cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others is a welcome sight for both your eyes and mind. Apart from this, you can choose other beautiful flowers for your special ones in Dubai and can take the help of online flower delivery in Dubai to deliver your desired blooms for any special occasion or event.