Medical Tourism- New landscape to the field of Hair Transplantation

With the passing years, we find progress, upliftment and a number of innovations which have taken place in all possible realms. If you wonder the realm which has undergone the maximum of the advents, then I can proudly state that it’s the medical stream for sure.

The most trending thing which is going on in the different countries in the field of medical is medical tourisms in India.  Even India is now a part of it and couldn’t surpass it.  You can find that doctors from the wealthier countries to the developing countries along with different entertaining opportunities for the people as a number of new procedures come up for the patients in the developing countries. Even it helps the medical practitioners to mingle and come up with something worthwhile.

The destinations which are mostly made a part of medical tourism are-

There are many internationally located countries which has been serving healthcare solutions successfully. Healthcare destinations in complex the countries like India , Costa Rica, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States  are turning out to be the most attractive destinations to go out for. This is commercial as well as academicals help which a developing country receives on their account. Coming to India, aesthetical surgeries can be the best in the centers of  hair transplant in Ludhiana, Mumbai and Kolkata.

What are the top health facilities which are present for the medical tourists?

  • Aesthetic(Beauty & Cosmetic surgery)
  • Dentistry (general, restorative, cosmetic)
  • Cardiovascular (angioplasty, CABG, transplants)
  • Orthopaedics (joint and spine; sports medicine)
  • Cancer (often high-acuity or last resort)
  • Reproductive (fertility, IVF, women’s health)
  • Weight loss (LAP-BAND, gastric bypass)

Why India?

  1. Cheap treatment- India has the cheapest treatment policies.
  2. There are more aspirants of medical and different implementations and forms of medical science.
  3. There is an excellent boom over the years.
  4. They have a good ecstasy of experience of surgeries which is appreciable.
  5. Privatisation of health sector is also quite appreciable.

Prior Healthcare & Emerging locations in India

The precious medical hot spots in India are Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Ludhiana, Chennai and Hyderabad. The 17 major airports have International flights, which are spread across this vast country.

The climate of India is pleasing for the foreigners. Winters are the best time to visit and between October and March, as the monsoon is almost throughout the country between May to September.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic surgical Treatment) sector in Medical tourism

There are a lot of different medical/surgical options which startles the medical tourists a lot. Primarily, medical tourists get elective procedures such as aesthetic treatments(cosmetic surgery) which includes Hair transplantation, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments; any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home country. This is one of the major attractions as a whole. In India the instances of hair issues ar4e increasing every passing day and therefore good certified, specialised doctors are a must need. The price in India is also very convenient enough to invest. Hair transplant in Ludhiana or any metropolitan can be a good option if one chooses to do it in India, as there you get the best quality.