Looking for Beautiful Wedding Rings?

If you are looking for matching and beautiful wedding rings, we offer you the perfect solution. We are wedding! That’s our motto and that’s what we live for. It is important to first decide on a material. Titanium wedding rings are extremely popular and are highly regarded by many couples. Titanium wedding rings can be combined with other materials to create a unique look.


You can find cheap and fast your dream wedding rings. What are the Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings Online is only petragems. The high-quality titanium wedding rings look not only particularly appealing, but are also pleasantly light and easy to wear. Due to the excellent production, the wedding ring at the wedding ceremony will slide by itself and round off the wedding. The large selection of different models allows the couple to easily find the matching ring pair. After all, you want to wear these wedding rings for the rest of your life. Another advantage of wedding rings, Titanium is extremely durable and can therefore be worn over a very long time, without losing elegance and beauty. So you have very special wedding rings, which ideally accompany you throughout your life and always remind you of this very special moment. Take your time and look at the various titanium wedding rings. Whether narrow or wide, simple or elaborate, made of pure titanium or as a combination solution you will find under guarantee the right wedding rings for yourself.

Titanium wedding rings: Can be combined with many materials

Titanium is a very special element and can be perfectly combined with other materials. In our offer you will find various combination rings that can meet your taste. Thanks to the very good ability to combine, unique and beautiful rings are created, which almost draw your gaze magically. Combinations with carbon or ceramic already cause a stir with the material color black. By stainless steel or silver, platinum and palladium you can give the Wholesale Loose Diamonds wedding rings a very special touch. The combination of glossy and matt in a wedding ring is a real highlight. You can also refine the titanium ring with diamonds, because the shine of the diamond can be the highlight of the wedding ring. If you prefer color, bi-color solutions are just right for you. Rose gold and yellow gold can be the right choice here. White gold offers a good and beautiful alternative especially on closer inspection. You decide on the materials you want and the right combinations. In our TRAURING CONFIGURATOR you can try to your heart’s content and try to design your own personal wedding ring. You’ll be surprised how well titanium combines with gold and many other materials. In addition, it is easy to use the wedding ring configuration to create individual, harmonious rings that are also priced by the pair price.

Titan – Information about the material

The element titanium was discovered at the end of the 17th century. The material has the ordinal number 22 and is displayed in the period table with the abbreviation “Ti”. Thus it belongs to the group of transition metals. But it was not until the 1930s that it was possible to win the material in larger quantities. Titanium is now used in many areas and convinces above all by the light weight and its high hardness. For this reason, the material is often used at a wedding for rings. Here, the mineral can play its properties. Because titanium wedding rings can be combined with various other materials to create unique and beautiful wedding rings. Whether carbon, white gold, Rose gold.

An outline of the story: Titan in the course of time

The metal was first discovered in England in 1791. The amateur chemist William Gregor discovered it in titanium iron. The namesake of the metal, however, was the German chemist Heinrich Klaproth, who also discovered the metal in 1795. The name of the metal derives from the Greek gods of the Titans. In 1831, the titanium was first extracted from the metallic ore. However, the effort was so high that the extraction was not economical. Only in the 1930s, a process was developed and patented, which made an extraction of titanium ore economically. The method was named after its inventor, William Justin Kroll, as a Kroll process.