Beauty Therapy Book – Revision Guides for Exam Success

Having a good revision guide for Beauty Therapy is essential for all students coming up to their Beauty exams. A lot of students can get very overwhelmed at the end of the year when they realise who much revision there is to cover.

Beauty Therapy generally is divided into the following sections;

Skin Treatments
Eye Treatments
Manicure & Pedicure
Make Up

I would advise that you use a revision guide that has plenty of exam questions, preferably in the format of multiple choice. Most of the Beauty Therapy awarding bodies such as ITEC, use multiple choice questions in their exams, so this is the best format to use when studying.

Your revision guide should also have a range of puzzles or questions that you can answer and learn repeatedly. Doing puzzles is an excellent way to learn any subject, especially Beauty. With puzzles, the idea is to repeat them over and over again until you are confident on a particular area.

Don’t forget with Beauty Therapy that there are going to be a lot of Anatomy and Physiology questions on your paper including name of bones and muscles, the circulatory system, the cell and so on. As a result you need to make sure that your revision guide includes Anatomy and Physiology questions.

The best way to learn this subject is to take each section individually. So for example, you would take Skin Treatments and learn all the revision questions and puzzles and then move onto the next section. Always test yourself after you complete each area. Give yourself little exams throughout your studies, using your questions.